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Top Burger Restaurants in Lenox Village

 If you are looking for a burger joint that is not located too far from your home but has an excellent menu and affordable prices, look no further than the rapidly expanding Burger Restaurant in Lenox Village. Learn more about  burgers, read more here.  Popular among locals and tourists alike, this gastronomic joints incorporates retro-style burgers into its menu of gourmet burgers, served in a chic, contemporary space. With locations in Nashville's vibrant downtown area and across the country, this burger spot is a testament to the fast food style that has come to dominate much of the American landscape since the early decades of the twentieth century. Whether you opt for the original classic burger or one of the healthier alternative selections, the atmosphere of this popular burger joint is sure to leave a lasting impression. At this point, you will find three different concepts on offer: the original" Patty O'clock" which serves up tasty burgers served at just the right hour (in the evening) that is perfect for a romantic date or a night out with friends; the "Greenwich" concept which has grown so much in popularity over the years that it now has locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami; and lastly, the hybrid concept that now includes an outdoor patio and brick patio design. Find out for further  details on best burger near me right here. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available at this burger joint, so you can enjoy the outdoors while still experiencing great tasting burgers. Some of the burgers served include the Argyle burger, which are made with Canadian beef from Canada's provinces of Alberta and Ontario; Buffalo Chicken Burger, made from boneless, skinless chicken breast that is topped with Swiss, Canadian and Swiss emulsions, served on a bun; and the vegetarian burger, which are made with tofu instead of beef and pepper Jack cheese. Of course, customers looking for something more filling can order the turkey burger which is made with Canadian bacon, Provolone and tomato ketchup, or the Thai chicken salad that is topped with Thai vegetable sprouts, Thai peanut sauce and crunchy greens. All of these burgers are made by top chefs who have been training for years in the culinary industry. In fact, all of the chefs here have degrees or master degrees, as well as years of experience in the food industry. Since all of these great cooks know what they are doing, you can be sure that you will be enjoying a great meal as your taste buds are savoring the melt-in-your-mouth delicious burgers. Aside from the actual restaurants in this area, you can also visit The Nilfisk Kitchen & Bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine and some fine dining delicacies that are sure to make your mouth water. This restaurant is located just a few steps from the burger restaurant in the village, so you don't need to transfer any distances in order to have a delicious dinner with your friends or family. Another fantastic restaurant is Artistic Cafe, which is located right next door to Nilfisk Kitchen. This restaurant offers a variety of Japanese and western dishes along with great delicacies that are sure to satisfy any kind of taste. One of the newest burger joints that are opening in the area right now is called The Burger Inn. This restaurant promises an amazing nightlife experience for anyone who visits, and there are even a beautiful bar and lounge right in the front of the restaurant. This restaurant offers customers interesting drinks like mojitos, sangria, margaritas, and other delicious alcoholic beverages. You will also find a very nice collection of burgers and Asian cuisine. If you want a nice place to eat that serves authentic South American foods, then you should try the Brazilian Kitchen in Finsbury Park. This restaurant is housed in a modern and contemporary building, and it offers a variety of different entrees that are made in the Brazilian style. There are plenty of exciting entrees to choose from, including the Caramel Mocha Latte, Brazilian Blueberry BBQ Burger, and the Flaming Chile Burger. There are also several casual options at this restaurant, such as the Grilled Celery sandwich and the Grilled Maine Lobster. The Brazilian Kitchen is located at 401 Oxford Street, and it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Take a  look at this  link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burger  for more information.